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Weapons of Perfection - Chapter one - Apple - Lilian Mattuschka

2016 - 2019


The unconscious is sitting on my shoulders, whispering, calling for revolution. The giant grandpa wants to teach me how to move, how to smile, how to behave. I shave my hair.

Weapons of Perfection is the result of a two year ́s research revolving around issues on social behaviour and norms, that define and direct human interactions.
The body of work is presented as an installation and dialogue between body and objects, photography and video.

The work is divided in chapters, each representing a specific type of instruction, concerned with shaping posture and mind. The thoroughly finished artefacts invite touch but resist use, if seen as weapons.

Weapons of perfection offers a wiew on the invisible social con- strictions and boundaries we can be confronted with.

Florence, 11.11.2016

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