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Lilian Mattuschka, born 1989 in Austria, lives and works as Visual Artist and event manager in Italy.

She studied Graphic Arts at Accademia delle Belle Arti in Florence, Design at IED in Turin, Contemporary Jewelry at Alchimia, Florence, where she graduated with a Master in Fine Arts. She is currently working on the master thesis of her second master in Cultural Management at the University of Applied Arts Vienna, course Art & Economy.

Artist Statement

Already during her studies, wood has become her material and guide. 

In wood she seeks the limit - physically as well as conceptually. 

How fine can one go before suffering the breaking point?


Constricting body sculptures as metaphor of the ruling cultural norms and mechanisms of behavior in society.

From life - to rigidity - to movement – chains carved out from a trunk and made to embrace the body. Each chain is unique depending on the nature of the original trunk: this seems suggesting the final embrace that it wants to become.


A research around boundaries - to feel, to trigger, to provoke them.

Her works are experiments between jewelry, sculpture, photography, video and performance with the main focus on the body.

Awards and Exhibitions


“Start Point” Accademy of Fine Arts Florence, Fondazione Pitti Discovery, Florence, italy.


“Hazardous Experiments”, Silver Festival, Legnica, Poland

“Alchimia end of The Year Exhibition”, Alchimia, Florence Italy

“Stand Alchimia ”, Joya Art Jewellery Fair, Barcelona, Spain


“Alchimic Gardens” Melting Point 2014 Valencia, Spain

“Touch”, Graduation Show, Alchima, Florence, Italy.

“Marzee Graduate Show 2014” Galerie Marzee, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.k

“Stand Alchimia ”, Joya Art Jewellery Fair, Barcelona, Spain.

“Stand Alchimia ”, Sieerad Art Fair, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


“Work in Progress”, Alchimia, Florence, Italy.


“Moments of Perspective ”, Punkt WG, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Solo Exhibition: "Weapons of Perfection”, Chiasso Perduto, Florence Italy

“Chiasso Perduto in Luce”, Chiasso Perduto, Florence, Italy.


“EXPOSÈ, Musée du bijou contemporain, Espace Solidor, Cagnes sur Mer, France.

“Ravary”, Galerie Marzee, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

“Almanacco Migratorio”, Argentiera(Sardinia), Italy.


“21 Gramm”, curated by Ruudt Peters, The Crafts Museum of China Academy of Art, Hangzhou, Cina


“21 Gramm”, Coda Museum, Appeldorn, The Netherlands.

“21 Gramm”, Galerie Handwerk @Munich Jewellery week, Munich, Germany.

“A Room of Once Own”, curated by Federica Sala and Catalina Gibert, @Munich Jewellery week, Munich, Germany.

“Gioiello, il figliolino preferito della gioia”, curated by Doris Maninger and Lilian Mattuschka Studio Stefania Miscetti, Rome, Italy.


“Eligius”, curated by Andrea Scahumberger, Trackelhaus, Saltzburg, Austria

“Eligius”, curated by Ann-Katrin Rossberg, MAK, Vienna, Austria


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Tel +39 3382210699

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