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2015 - 2016


Thoughts, dreams, fears come to life trough my imagination.
I chose to work with things that already have a story. Natural, mostly found materials, with which my fantasy can play.
I left my hands free to sketch, instinctively, shaping these materials to a new life. I aimed to make jewellery that is in a direct dialogue with the body.
Free from technical issues that so often destroy the harmony between body and piece. I tried to make “beings” that live with you, they could be intimate friends but also annoying demons that whisper in your ear, that change your posture, that immobilise your arms. They are present, im- possible to ignore.
Jewellery that makes us aware of the weight we carry in our daily lives present on the body as company, as limitation.

Florence 10.06.2014

Daimones is a contemporary jewellery collection that i realized during 2013/2014. As part of my BFA tesis i was reflecting on personal and social fears and their consequenzes.
A resurch on body movement restrictions and on possible ways how to contestualize contempo- rary jewellery trought other media such as Photography. Part of this body of work was shoven at the Marzee Graduation Show 2014 and Sieerad Contemporary Jewellery fair 2014.

This Jewellery collection comes together wit a foto series made in collaboration with Martino Mal- ghieri. This series of fotos was collected in a book and shows a “normal” day of life, from morning to evening, representing the Damones as friends/weights on the body.

Daimones 2015 Lilian Mattuschka credits: Federico Cavicchioli
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